Payday loan consolidation -You need payday loan consolidation loans, we have it

You need payday loan consolidation loans now, we have it 

Consolidating all your payday loans in a single monthly payment, with a fixed rate until the end of the contract, payday loan consolidation via is an option with numerous advantages that must be taken into account.

Quite interesting for those who have more than one credit, credit consolidation allows you to collect all of your various credits in a single monthly payment and pay less, in some cases up to minus 60%.

This is an ideal option for people who have personal loans and credit cards that want to simplify their credits, taking advantage of simultaneously to save, and for people who are over-indebted or at risk of over-indebtedness, who in this way achieve some financial slack.

Very practical, since it includes all personal credits, credit cards and lines of credit in your name, with a single repayment term to always know what to count for extended periods that can go up to 120 months (10 years) or more.

In more practical terms, this means that if you opt for a consolidated loan, all the credits you currently have are written down, creating a single one with a more competitive and lower monthly payment. And for no surprises, the rate is fixed until the end of the contract, so you will always pay the same unless you choose to amortize at a certain time.
To find out if it is the solution for you, use the simulator for this purpose.

Five advantages of consolidated credit

  1. Monthly savings: consolidating your credit allows you to reduce the previous total of monthly payments, in some situations up to 60%, concentrating them in a single, lower. This guarantees you some monthly financial backlash, which you can use to increase your savings or emergency fund or apply on a new project.
  2. Greater convenience: you only have a single monthly payment, to a single creditor, at a fixed date, always knowing what to count on. You also do not need to change banks.
  3. Interest rates: The final interest rate on consolidated credit is generally lower than the average for all loans so you will pay less in total.
  4. Maximum speed and simplicity: approval is a quick and simple process for those who request the consolidation of their credits.
  5. Access to more financing: in case of need, you can request additional credit, moving naturally with the monthly installment.

Disadvantages of consolidated credit

Among the disadvantages of consolidated credit may be, for some, the longer repayment term, which means that in principle it will take longer to repay the loan. In compensation, it pays less every month, which allows it to take advantage of the difference between the sum of all previous installments and that of consolidated credit for a savings fund or for other projects that would otherwise be unthinkable. It’s a matter of doing the math and pondering. As a result of the extension of the term, in the end, may also pay more interest.

How to Teach Children to Save? Deposits, Bank Accounts

I think each of us met with the proverb: “What you will not learn, Jan will not be able to.” Interpreting them, we can say that the skills or knowledge that we acquired during childhood remain for our whole life. Therefore, from the earliest age, it is good for our children to “make” appropriate habits that may later be useful to them in adult life. One of such habits may be the habit of saving. If children know that saving is a fairly important element in our lives, then later, when they are grown up and set up their own families, they will be able to better manage their home budget and plan it better. In addition, thanks to this, they will learn about “the power of money” and find out that parents do not have a magic bank card, thanks to which they can endlessly choose money from an ATM.

One of the most popular, and you can say that banal ways to learn to save is a piggy bank. Its shape, color, etc. is not important. It is important to encourage children to throw in money, which they get from the family, or earned by doing simple work. It is also good to “motivate” our children to save by presenting them with a specific goal. We can, for example, arrange that when a child collects half of the money in a piggy bank for a scooter or dollhouse, we will cover the second part related to the purchase.


An even better way to learn to save can be to set up a bank account for your child. More and more banks offer accounts for children, so it is worth considering. Surely the fun of completing the first transfer will be huge for our kids and will motivate them to save even more.

Savings can also be learned during play. Certainly in many homes there is a Monopoly or Eurobusiness game. Playing with these games, we will show them that it is worth to raise capital in order to allocate it for a chosen purpose in the future. When they understand this, they will often remember these games in real life and, moreover, they will translate their habits from games to real life.

However, the best way to learn to save is probably the example that children get from their parents. When we are able to save money for a car, furniture or renovation, it will certainly be the most motivating for our children and in the future they will know what to do to manage their family budget in the right way.

How to Watch Out For Bank Offers – Financial Portal

At every step, we see various bank ads. They reach us from the TV screens, from the computer monitor, or from newspapers. Usually, banks advertise their loans and credits, because on these products, they earn the most. As it is easy to guess, since most banks offer us their credit products, they must fight for clients. And it is best to make the application in the given institution the lowest price possible. Therefore, it is with low costs that banks tempt us. But you can not cut costs indefinitely, because in the end banks will not make money on loans. That is why the banks found a way to convince us to apply for a loan or a loan. They simply show us in advertisements only what they want to show us and what is meant to make the possible client tempted by their offer. So what do you pay attention to when viewing bank ads?

The banks in advertisements want to prove to us, first of all, that their offer is the cheapest. Therefore, they will tell us that their loan has an exceptionally low interest rate. Of course, they will show us this in the form of a low installment, which we will have to give back to the bank. And many people unfortunately do not pay attention to anything else, because they think that this offer is the cheapest compared to others. But it may turn out that the lowered interest rates banks “make up” by raising the commission. Or by offering a lower interest rate on the condition that you apply for a credit card that generates some costs for us. We can also turn it around. The bank may advertise its product, showing potential customers, for example, no commission. But it can raise the interest rate a bit. And so you can speak in several variants. Also watch out for “promotions”, which unfortunately do not last too long. For example, a bank may advertise a low interest rate, or it will only last for three months. And other similar tricks. Of course, there is a way you can easily compare the offers of banks, which customers often forget. And this is the APRC, which is the Actual Annual Interest Rate. This indicator shows us the total cost we have to bear to the lender by repaying the debt. Banks usually show us this indicator with a small print, just so that customers do not pay attention to it. And it’s worth it, because it’s the best way to find the cheapest loan.

Banks can also fight for clients in a different way. They can offer various types of “free” gifts. But we are perfectly aware that there is nothing in life for free. So like a free gift, the bank will compensate for the increased commission or higher interest rate.

The most important thing in choosing the best offer should be common sense. Thanks to this, we will not be able to “catch” the trap of the bank and we will not overpay for borrowed money.

How to Conveniently Pay For Bills – Payday Loans

Each of us pays for several bills within a month. We are talking about phone and media bills, about installments paid in banks, etc. Certainly, paying bills on time can cause us problems from time to time, because we can simply forget about it. And it is known that if we do not pay something on time, we may have different kinds of problems because of this. Therefore, it is best to find a solution that will allow the bills to pay off themselves, and we would not have to remember them.

Banks meet us and offer us solutions that will make timely repayment of liabilities the responsibility of these institutions, and our only obligation will be to regularly fund the account so that there are no funds for bills. So what can we choose? The most popular facilitation offered by banks is a fixed order or direct debit. We can choose one of them, of course, according to our choice.

The first way to get rid of billing problems is by direct debit. This is a bank’s service, which consists in debiting our account by the creditor. As it is easy to guess, we must first agree on this for both the creditor and the bank. When we have a bill to pay, our creditor will issue an invoice for us and also provide information to the bank in which he will inform you about the amount we have to pay, as well as the date. Without our participation, the bank will pay for our account, of course, if the account has sufficient funds. If we disagree with the invoice, we have the right to cancel the transaction and to file a complaint.

Another way to pay bills is to constantly order. It is a service thanks to which the bank will perform a fixed-amount transfer and a specified date on the account indicated by us. A permanent order will be executed until we modify or cancel it. And of course if there are funds in your account. Usually, we use a fixed order for repayment of loan installments with equal installments, because we are sure that they will not change.

Which solution is better? A lot depends on the type of bills or our habits. If the amount of our invoices is not constant, the payment order will be a better solution. For we will not have any overpayments or underpaids. In the case of equal payments, it is worth paying bills by means of a standing order.

Is it worth using such solutions? Certainly yes. And although some people say that by directing a payment or a permanent order they lose control over their finances, however, there are far fewer of them, as evidenced by the constantly increasing number of direct debits and standing orders that are carried out at banks.

How To Send Parcels To Other Countries Cheaply?

It would seem that the world is very small today. And all this because most of us use the Internet, so we can quickly “move” from one end of the world to the other. In addition, from one country to another, we can move quickly through airplanes, and what’s more the cost of such “travels” are not very large.

Certainly when we ask our parents or grandparents what it looked like a few dozen years ago, they will tell us quickly that everything was completely different, and above all longer. A simple letter, sent from one country to another, took many days to reach the recipient from the recipient. Today? When we send an email, the recipient gets it after a few seconds, no matter in which country he lives. Similarly, the case looks like when we send parcels to other countries. A dozen or so years ago, it was very time-consuming and today, it takes only 2-3 days.

Because none of us likes to overpay, let’s think about what we can do to not overpay for international shipments. First of all, do not order the first better courier, whose phone number will fall into our hands. Competition on the courier market is huge today, so courier companies must “fight” for customers, often through lower prices. Therefore, individual offers may significantly differ in terms of “price”, and this difference may even reach 50-60%. Therefore, before we decide to choose a courier company, let’s compare their prices. The best and the fastest we can do it on the Internet, where there are several price comparison websites for courier services.

When looking for the cheapest transport company, we will quickly find out that the price for the service depends largely on the weight of the package and its dimensions. The cheapest packages are standard sizes (the sum of all sides of the package, should not exceed 170 cm), as well as the parcels with the lowest weight. Therefore, of course, if possible, try to arrange the shipped goods so that the parcel sizes do not exceed the required dimensions. Similarly, the case looks like weight. If only something unnecessary from our pack can be rejected – let’s do it. For sure, we will save on this.

There is another way to reduce the costs associated with sending parcels to other countries. Negotiations are this way. We can always try to reduce costs for the courier, especially when we send parcels quite often. Do not be afraid of it, because it can really bring us additional savings.

Is it possible to send parcels from one country to another relatively cheap today? Fortunately, yes. Let us only apply to the advice given, and in our portfolio will be a lot of cash, which we can spend on any purpose.

Where and How to Check If I Have Debts?

Though infatuation in the other person is sometimes called blind, it is certainly better to be infatuated with someone than to indulge in someone. Nowadays, however, a person who has never had any financial arrears can enjoy being lucky. Long is a problem as common as it is complex.

That is why we have collected most basic information on this subject, creating a kind of compendium. Here are the answers to questions you are not ashamed to ask, but they are more often addressed by Google than a person close to you.

Everything that matters most in terms of debt; this is what you can learn from the following guide:

Where all these problems come from?

There are quite a lot of questions about debt, mainly because many people fall into the so-called a credit loop , losing control over the scale of your debt.

Some psychologists even begin to talk about addiction to credits and loans , in which another moment or another credit play the role of the next dose, temporarily relieving the pain, but in fact plunging even more.

” How much exactly did I borrow and from whom? “This question prompts you to ask yourself more, more detailed. And they finally fall, because after a while, almost every person in such a situation experiences a kind of “awakening”.

Sometimes, in the case of really substantial debts, people go abroad to start with a “clean card”, but after returning to their homeland after years, it turns out that this one does not greet them as completely clean …

Most of the debtors are leaving just to collect a lot of savings and finally cover their debts . What if they already have these funds and are ready for it? It turns out that it is not so easy.

So they face the search for answers to many questions. Not only such circumstances motivate to deepen the subject of debts.


What did he “do” debt when he was not repaid?

What did he "do" debt when he was not repaid?

Bank or out -of-bank … never mind. All claims are to themselves that they can not stand laziness. That’s why they do not hang around, but they change owners. When it comes to banks, these are ballasting long-unpaid and / or bad debt portfolios by selling them to securitization funds .

As a result of this procedure (ie the so-called assignment of claims), the owner is thus changed, but … not the debt itself. Therefore, the said funds rent debt collection companies and law firms, and sometimes, if they do, they harness their own work.

This work is an attempt to recover the debt, and thus requires looking for debtors. From time to time it works out whether they will not be “reachable” thanks to bailiff executions . Such working institutions charge interest (statutory). In this way, they somehow invest, waiting all the time for a signal from the indebted person.

What is paradoxical, the prospect so watched may just be thinking about what is going on, what is its situation – and it looks just like we described it. He also heads over how to check the level of his debt and to whom he must give back.


Can you check your debts?

Can you check your debts?

Of course. This does not pose great difficulties, although appearances may say otherwise. If only the debt has not been redeemed (and thus, “metamorphosis” in the journal entry), we will surely quickly see the right track.

However, we must point out that the limitation period for debt is not the same as its redemption, although many people mistakenly think so. Statutory limitation of debt does not annihilate it, but only affords the debtor the right to defend against a court order for payment. Raising the claim of limitation is then effective. This, however, does not cancel the claim , and in practice … delays in paying off the debt .

Anyway, in the case of a long separation from the home market, the debtor must determine later who is the creditor. Unpaid loans, credit cards and all other banking products are waiting to be found.


How to check your debt?

As for the most known, each of us can receive a personal report. It will be necessary to set up an account in the Credit Information Bureau . For it to be successful, we will be required to confirm your identity. This procedure can be used to send a scan of an ID card, a letter sent by Poczta Polska or submission of an electronic signature.

Of course, the fastest and most effective way to enrich your application form is to scan the above-mentioned document, although for security it should be crossed out with an annotation entitled “a copy for personal report “.

In the next steps we will give you the number of your bank account and we will make a transfer for identification. When all this is done successfully, we will receive a text verification code that authorizes us to review various products.

Just enter the obtained code in the User Panel – this step will open access to the possibility of ordering a report regarding the repayment of obligations, activation of the Alert, as well as the service of storing the ID card.

We will also open the option of ordering a full report, including twelve “subreports”, in a set with additional services. Anyway, we will be informed about the details on a regular basis; the above-discussed activities are all that needs to be done to see if we are in and “as we are”.


How do you check your debt with a debt collector?


Buy an access to the pattern Go to payment or choose another pattern Added to the cart

Easy – if the debt passed to the stage of debt enforcement execution , the bailiff certainly informed us about it using the appropriate letter (See the patterns of letters for the debtor ). If he did not send it, he knocked on our door. Therefore, in our absence, he left without a doubt many letters and letters, out of which we will find out exactly what our debt is.

If, for some reasons, the last letter is not the most recent date, and the level of indebtedness is suspiciously low, we can easily find the right information in the letters that will help us contact the bailiff and find out directly what our current debt looks like.


What is the “National Debt Center”?

The National Debt Center (NCD) is a platform that gives creditors the opportunity to add debts and sell them. However, it is not only available to creditors. Each of us can have an insight into it and see if our debt is on the register of this platform.

Such verification takes place in an easy way and is completely free – it simply requires entering your data and all the information we need, will show us and will dispel your doubts. Not only that, if we issue our debt for sale, we can withdraw this offer from the register of the National Debt Center for a fee.

The platform also has an educational dimension – it provides publications rich in precise advice that help debtors get out of their state and, consequently, that the label “debtor” gets stuck away from them.


How to check the debt of a deceased person?

How to check the debt of a deceased person?

Each year ends with banks sending confirmation of account balances for the purposes of financial reporting and settlements with tax authorities. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to find a bank where the deceased took out a loan.

There are institutions that can help with the debts of the deceased loved one. You can verify if it appears in the registers. The institution stores information about personal data, as well as regarding liabilities to banks and credit unions.

The latter are information such as, for example, the type of commitment, date of its creation, repayment date, currency, information on debt or timely repayment.

All this information collected talks about any credit accounts that run or run banks or credit unions. We will learn not only about receivables serviced fairly, but also about those that were repaid, for example, by default or were not repaid at all. This is a potentially positive or negative story.

Consequently, it is necessary to submit an application to the Customer Service Center that will contain the deceased’s data. They include name / surname, last name, PESEL, last registered address, series and number of ID / passport.

We must attach to this application a copy of the death certificate and, additionally, a copy of the court order which states about the acquisition of the estate.

However, it may also be an act of proof of inheritance – in the form of an original or a copy certified for compliance, for which a notary is responsible. All of these documents must be submitted in person or by mail.


How do you know if a person has debts?

How do you know if a person has debts?

How to check the debt of a private person? – there is probably nothing simpler, if we have all of its data, whose equivalents about ourselves we know perfectly well. So it is possible, for example, when it comes to a person close to us.

Then actually all the methods described above will bring us to the knowledge in an obvious way; it is enough that we use the data in the same way. However, the problem is that the most frequently asked question is asked by employers. Employees, in turn, wonder whether employers have such a right at all. We will try to clarify this matter.

The employer is not able to obtain information of an economic nature that would concern his employee. The institutions does not provide such a possibility, as the law does not provide for the option of processing such personal data.

However, there is an exception – when an employee performs work on the basis of a contract-order, the employer is entitled to apply for access to such information about the contractor, and the latter does not even have to give his consent.

So how to answer this question in the most general terms? When we ask ” how to check other people’s debts “, the question “can we do it”?

Well, in this matter ethics and law remain in a rather strange relationship. The National Debt Register requires giving the first and last name, address of the place of residence or delivery, PESEL or other number which confirms the identity of the person, as well as the series and number of the ID card or other document which is to confirm the identity.

So let us leave this subject for consideration – at the end we can add that if an employee working on a contract is aware of the legal status described here, he should agree with the employer on this specific issue and determine what should regulate his contract in this respect – order.

If the employee stipulates that he does not authorize the employer to make such an inspection, in the event of violation of the terms of the contract, the law will be on the part of the mandatary.