How to Teach Children to Save? Deposits, Bank Accounts

I think each of us met with the proverb: “What you will not learn, Jan will not be able to.” Interpreting them, we can say that the skills or knowledge that we acquired during childhood remain for our whole life. Therefore, from the earliest age, it is good for our children to “make” appropriate habits that may later be useful to them in adult life. One of such habits may be the habit of saving. If children know that saving is a fairly important element in our lives, then later, when they are grown up and set up their own families, they will be able to better manage their home budget and plan it better. In addition, thanks to this, they will learn about “the power of money” and find out that parents do not have a magic bank card, thanks to which they can endlessly choose money from an ATM.

One of the most popular, and you can say that banal ways to learn to save is a piggy bank. Its shape, color, etc. is not important. It is important to encourage children to throw in money, which they get from the family, or earned by doing simple work. It is also good to “motivate” our children to save by presenting them with a specific goal. We can, for example, arrange that when a child collects half of the money in a piggy bank for a scooter or dollhouse, we will cover the second part related to the purchase.


An even better way to learn to save can be to set up a bank account for your child. More and more banks offer accounts for children, so it is worth considering. Surely the fun of completing the first transfer will be huge for our kids and will motivate them to save even more.

Savings can also be learned during play. Certainly in many homes there is a Monopoly or Eurobusiness game. Playing with these games, we will show them that it is worth to raise capital in order to allocate it for a chosen purpose in the future. When they understand this, they will often remember these games in real life and, moreover, they will translate their habits from games to real life.

However, the best way to learn to save is probably the example that children get from their parents. When we are able to save money for a car, furniture or renovation, it will certainly be the most motivating for our children and in the future they will know what to do to manage their family budget in the right way.